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  • Teaching Network TV a lesson

    With the series premieres of TNT's Saving Grace and F/X's Damages, and SpikeTV's The Kill Point this week, we now have three more reasons why the major networks are bowing to the almighty dollar instead of seeking out quality scripted television to put on the air.

    Given the choice between reality programming and scripted shows, I will choose a scripted drama almost every time. It's sad that the major networks prefer to cater to the lowest common denominator rather than use the summer season to try and find new shows that pack a punch, or in The Kill Point's case, air a miniseries that might actually be worth watching.

    If you want something new this summer that won't rot your brain, try some of these shows out. You won't be disappointed. 

  • The end of the Dan Patrick Show

    As was announced earlier this week, Dan Patrick will be leaving ESPN in August, which will end his radio show, which I have been listening to since it's inception.

    Unlike the end of Tony Kornheiser's ESPN Radio show, I am less saddened by the departure of Patrick. He wasn't as awful as Colin Cowherd, who replaced Kornheiser, but Patrick's show had become increasingly annoying as the mountaintop from which he preached became higher and higher above the masses who listened to him.

    If what has been reported is true, and Patrick's ESPN contract didn't expire until 2008, then his early departure to find other oppotunities reeks of hypocrisy. Just as recently as the end of the 2007 college basketball season, when the coaching carousel was going in full force, Patrick ripped coaches who were abandoning their existing contracts to take other jobs. New Kentucky coach Billy Gillespie took the brunt of his disgust, as he was a guest on a show when Dan was at his peak of ripping these college coaches.

    From what it sounded like on today's show, Patrick might already be gone.  Guest host Scott Van Pelt gave the e-mail address to the show as radio@espnradio.com instead of the usual danpatrickshow@espnradio.com address.