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  • Best hoops walk-on ever?

    Not that I agree with the assessment, but one of the University of Kentucky basketball broadcasters said that it was his opinion that Ravi Moss, a guard/forward on the current team, is the greatest walk-on ever.

    Can anyone out there give me other candidates? I don't think that this would include players who were on football scholarships, like a Julius Peppers from North Carolina, but rather true walk-ons, guys who play basketball without an athletic scholarship. 

  • Haze the Cat?


    This is Haze. Obviously, he is a cat.

    But Haze thinks he's a dog. The only animals he ever saw at his original home were rottweilers, and he just wanted to blend in with the crowd. The home where he lives now has a dog, too.

    Haze hates cats. If he sees one, he will attempt to kill it.  He believes that's the duty of a dog.

    This causes the dog in his new home, Moxie, much confusion. Moxie doesn't know how to react to a cat that thinks it's a dog licking her face and ears. 

  • FOX errs with 'Arrested Development' decision

    I am very disappointed to hear that FOX has effectively put Arrested Development on cancellation notice, having cut its season 3 order and putting the show on hiatus.

    This was a truly hilarious, excellently-written, unique comedy that mocked the wealthy white comminity with no fear. Every cast member, from David Cross to the guest stars like Scott Baio and Henry Winkler were hilarious, and Ron Howard's narration deserves some sort of award. Jason Bateman just can't get a break in sitcom land.

    I, like many others, hope that FOX either grows more brain cells, or another network picks it up.