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  • One of my new favorite TV shows

    I am saddened to know that one of my new favorite shows is almost over.

    HBO's The Wire is one of the best shows I have ever seen. Like a moron, I didn't start watching until Season 4, which wrapped earlier this year. I've gone back and purchased Season 1 on DVD, and tore through that in a week. Then, I got my wife to watch it, and now she's hooked. We're currently shopping for Season 2 (e-bay is the cheapest place to find this show online).

    What stinks is that '08 will be the final season. And probably by next summer, one of my other favs, The Shield, will have concluded its run. So I'll be down to LOST and Heroes.  

  • For all the people seeking me....

    I'm glad to hear from you. I finally figured out how to find your e-mail address when you make a post, so I've spent some time responding. Check your e-mails.