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  • The PS3 Update

    Yes, I did buy a PS3.

    So far, I'm very happy with it. No glitches, no other problems.

    GTA IV was fun. I haven't reached 100% completion, but I'm getting there. I never played online, though. I need to go back and try that sometime.

    The other game I got with the system was Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. A very good game, and visually stunning. Didn't take too long to beat, and instead of playing it over a few times, I went and traded it in along with some PS2 games to get a few new games.

    The games I came home with were Hot Shots Golf: Out Of Bounds and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

    I got the HSG mainly for my wife, who has enjoyed playing previous versions of the game, and she again enjoys playing this one. But I play it, too. I even tried to play online. 

    Tried is the operative word. I went to the online lobby, signed up to play in a tournament, and while waiting, had someone else try to hit on me and get me to 'hook up'. I'm serious. I was so disgusted, I just turned the game off.

    But I'm immersed in Oblivion now. An online friend had recommended an Edler Scrolls game for the xBox, and that was so much fun that I knew I'd enjoy this one. And I do.

    The Blu-Ray player is good. The PS3 came with Spider-Man 3, which looked very good, and sounded great on the entertainment system. We have also watched Juno on Blu-Ray so far. But as good as it looks, I can't say that the difference between Blu-Ray and DVD is vastly different.