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  • Dumb people....

    OK, here's some stupid stuff...

    There's a bank downtown that has 3 drive thru lanes inside a parking garage. Above each lane, there's a lighted sign that either reads "open" or "Closed."

    To the average Joe, this means that if the lane is "open" that you can use it, and if it says "closed" you shouldn't, because....it's CLOSED.

    In the last few weeks, I've been at this bank making deposits for work, and as is the norm, two lanes are "open" and one is "closed." I've lived in this town for 12 years, and I've never seen the third lane "open." Every time I've ever been there, the first two lanes are open, and the third lane is closed.

    But when I'm there, both "open" lanes are occupied. So, inevitably, someone then pulls under the "closed" sign and into the third lane. They roll their window down, stick out their hand, and attempt to push the button to get the door to open so they can get the plastic tube out. And the door never opens, and they never get the tube.

    They push the button again. And Again. And then, in a huff of anger, roll their window back up, and LEAVE.

    That's right. They LEAVE.

    Instead of backing up and getting in line (which is never longer than the one car at the tube-sender), they leave. And they're frustrated.

    I have no idea where they go, since the nearest branch of this bank is at least 25 blocks away. But their inherent stupidity results in their anger and their apparent decision not to do their banking.

    I laugh at them. Because they're idiots.