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  • Fire Quin Snyder!

    I'm not a fan of Dookies anyway, but this one has done nothing but drive nails in the coffin since he got to Mizzou...

  • Heathen newspapers vs. Megachurches

    I'm reading this journalist-inspired debate over the closing of such megachurches as Southland Christian here in Lexington on Christmas Sunday, and can only shake my head in disbelief.

     First, if the preachers in these pulpits were specifically calling out newspapers, editors, writers, or politicians based on the decisions they made, they'd get viciously attacked in the press, with such standard attacks as threatening to take away their tax-exempt status, among other things. So how does the secular media get away with criticizing a church for its decisions surrounding a CHRISTIAN holiday? If you want the church and state kept apart, then you should keep your nose in your own house. Yes, that's right. Many people seem to think that the misinterpreted notion of separation of church and state only means that the church should stay out of the state's buisness, and that it's not a two-way street.

     Second, I was raised in a Christian household, and we rarely ever went to Church on Christmas morning, even if it was on a Sunday. Odd? My family was the type that was at church at least three times a week as often as possible. But even we made the decision to attend Christmas Eve services because we traditionally opened presents on Christmas Day.

     Thirdly, I hope and pray that those sniveling decision-makers at our local paper are positively affected by the Christmas spirit before it's too late for the well-being of their souls.

  • This isn't TV; it really happened

    Too drunk to drive? Put your 7-year-old on your lap and pass out....