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Television - Page 3

  • A Fall TV Update

    Since my last post about the new shows this season I watched, new news has emerged.

    As previously mentioned, 'Smith' got cancelled. No loss there.

    Now, ABC has cancelled 'The Nine.' Not missing it, either.

    NBC has picked up full season orders for '30 Rock.' I like this show pretty well, and think it's a wonderful portion of the Thursday night comedy block.

    <> NBC has also picked up a full season of 'Studio 60,' which in a mirror to one of the early episodes, apparently plays well to wealthy white people. I'm not wealthy, and I'm not entirely white, so I guess that show isn't even trying to appeal to me. 
  • Thoughts on the new Fall TV season

    I haven't watched all of the new shows this season, but I've watched a few.

    I am grateful that it appears that the glut of reality programming has abated, and now we're only forced to deal with the same old reality shows. The big, controversial season of Survivor lasted 2 weeks, until the race-based teams were broken up. So much for that social experiment. And I quit watching.

    CBS served up a new drama, Smith, about the lives of thieves. I watched the first episode, thought FX's Thief was better, and quit watching. Smith has already been canned.

    ABC, still believing that another mysterious serial drama is the perfect follow up to LOST (see: last season's Invasion), served up The Nine. I was so thoroughly bored after the pilot episode, I haven't gone back.

    NBC, believing that telling behind-the-scenes stories of the now dreadful Saturday Night Live was a good idea, has presented Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and 30 Rock. I watched the first few episodes of Studio 60, thought it wasn't funny, wasn't dramatic, and had gaping plot holes. I'm done with it. The pilot episode of 30 Rock was somewhat funny, so I'm going to give it a few more chances.

    <>The one new show that has captured my attention is NBC's Heroes. I know it's yet another attempt to capitalize on the superhero phenomena (X-Men, Smallville, Superman Returns, Batman Begins, Entourage's obsession with Aquaman), but I've found this one interesting, and hope it continues to entertain and leave me guessing.
  • The stupid Amazing Race trailer

    Have you seen the new trailer for the next season of The Amazing Race?

    <> At the end, there's a woman who says..."An opportunity to travel around the world. Money can't buy that"

    <> Really? Money can't buy the opportunity to travel around the world? I wonder why more people aren't traveling around the world, then.