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  • Team FP/g Through Week 17

    1. Toronto All-SARS 45.05 (-0.01)
    2. Big d's monsters 44.32 (-0.09)
    3. Chalkdust Torturers 44.24 (-0.05)
    4. Arnies Army 43.88 (+0.43)
    5. Hogscraper 43.58 (-0.15)
    6. Ram Tough 42.33 (-0.06)
    7. Ballfan1 40.82 (+0.18)
    8. BIG AND OLD AND HURT 39.20 (-0.28)
    9. Lynx 38.37 (+0.05)
    10. Peoria Opies 33.40 (+0.03)

  • Kudos to Stan Heath and the Razorbacks

    My sincere congratulations go out to Stan Heath, head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. The Hogs win today at Tennessee all but clinched an NCAA Tourney berth, the first in a number of years for the program, and Heath's first invite since taking over a troubled program.

    The Hogs are playing well down the stretch, too, a key ingredient for teams who want success beyond the first round of the Big Dance. Good Luck to the Hogs! 

  • Logtown's Newest Resident

    As we rejoin our favorite superheroes in the thralls of Madden, Fletcher has scored his seventh consecutive touchdown on the same pass pattern, and Richie isn't happy. Simon is whispering sweet nothings to a grapefruit.

     "Can we quit now? I give up," Richie said.

    "Whatever," Fletcher conceded, knowing full well Richie could endure only so much beating before he quit in the second quarter on a regular basis. His attempt to give Richie a shot by calling the same play over and over again had only confused Richie even more. "You seen the new guy in town?"

    Simon looked up. "Yeah, I seen him this morning at the gas station. He waved and said hello, like he was a friendly guy."

    "Did you happen to notice anything different about him?"

    "Besides that he was black?" Simon replied.

     Now would be a good time to inform our fans and haters that black people were uncommon residents in Logtown not because Logtown was full of rednecks, but rather most blacks thought it so foolish to focus so much attention and affection for outhouses when plumbing seemed the more desirable choice. Before this individual arrived, no blacks had moved to Logtown since the foundation district was formed. But back to our story....

     "I saw him at the grocery store," Richie chimed in. "I thought he was a traveling salesman or something, him being black and all. He even introduced himself to me, said his name was Joseph Shakur.  But he looked sort of familiar, like I'd seen him before."