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  • My review of "The Office"

    Well, a replay of the 9-27-05 episode of "The Office" was on Bravo last night, so I recorded it and watched it this evening.

    I don't fault the WLEX-18 General Manager for choosing to pre-empt the show. It was racy by network standards, though in language only. This isn't a show with buxom bikini-clad models strutting around (but there was an inflatable).

    I wonder about the show's creators, and what kind of reaction they wanted from their audience. In most of our situations, we cringe in agony at how inappropriate some behavior can be in the workplace. But I can understand that in the wrong hands (America haters, unrestrained juveniles, people who don't understand the concept of a sitcom) this could encourage the wrong reactions.

     But I, and my wife, laughed out loud at the antics on the show and appreciated the efforts of the cast and crew.

  • WLEX-18 pre-empts 'The Office'

    So I'm watching 'My Name is Earl' on WLEX-18 (the Lexington, KY, NBC affiliate), and when the show ends and it's time for the painfully funny 'The Office,' I'm forced to watch 'EXTRA' instead.

    The WLEX-18 website listed 'The Office' as scheduled for 9:30 p.m., but it wasn't on. The crawl at the bottom of the screen stated that the show's content was deemed offensive, apparently too offensive to air.

     I sent an e-mail, and got a response from Tom Gilbert, the President/General Manager of the station informing me the decision was the first time this had happened in his five years in his position and that the episode would air Saturday at 2:35 a.m.

    I just wonder what's so offensive that the local affiliate decides that a pre-taped program that has passed network censors is too offensive to air at 9:30 p.m. I guess I'll have to record it and find out. 

  • A Review of What We’ve Learned, Chapter 34

    Fletcher and Richie are sitting in Richie’s mobile home in the far recesses of Crapper’s Park, engaged in a NCAA Football contest on the big screen TV that is far too large for such a cramped space. Pizza boxes, empty beer and soda cans, and shattered video game controllers provide décor. Richie’s multi-colored, mixed breed dog Vito is curled up next to the TV, licking himself happily.


    While you were reading that, Fletcher returned an interception for a TD, making the score 41-0 in the first quarter. Richie hit the reset button.


    Fletcher: At least you didn’t break anything.

    Richie (lighting cigarette): <a few choice expletives deleted>


    Richie: They got pretty mad at me today…thanks.

    Fletcher: I’m not the one who picked the day for the field trip. You think I’m going to cancel my day of inspiration to do work that doesn’t exist?

    Richie: Inspiration?

    Fletcher: It’s my golf day! Golf. It inspires me to keep holding a job where I don’t have hours that restrict me from outdoor activities. And it’s always funny to write about golf. I could write about Bart getting run over by the golf cart until my fingers hurt. That was hilarious!

    Richie: Ok, it was funny. (looking at the team selection screen) We need to make a rule where you can’t be USC…


    A knock at the door reveals Simon and Young MC, supplies and controllers in hand. Simon looks unusually agitated. Not just his usual agitated. Let’s get out the ‘ear muffs’ for a moment while he gets himself situated in one of the plush recliners that bookend the sofa. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Richie owes more on his living room set than he paid for his car. But that’s for another time; Simon seems to have calmed down.


    By the way, the game between Fletcher and Richie has reached the 4th quarter.


    Young MC: My girlfriend broke up with me….

    Richie: Again?

    Fletcher: Again?

    Simon: Again?

    Young MC: Again.

    Richie: How long since you first started going out?

    Young MC: Four months.

    Richie: How many times has she broken up with you?

    Young MC: Four.

    Richie: How many months has she been out of high school?

    Young MC (annoyed): Are you getting at something?

    Richie: Am I the only one who sees this pattern?

    Simon: Looks longingly towards kitchen

    Fletcher: How long does it usually take until they get back together? Until she remembers her parents threw her out?

    Richie: That sounds about right.

    Simon: I’m gonna go to the kitchen for something….

    Young MC: I really wish you guys would quit making fun of my girlfriend. So what if she’s young? Don’t we all want young girlfriends?

    Fletcher: We want young girls, not young girlfriends. Oh, and speaking of your girlfriend, did she tell you we saw her at work Thursday when we were on our field trip? She’s looking pretty good.


    The sound of an electric can opener coming from the kitchen interrupts the conversation. Fletcher and Richie look at each other with ‘oh, not again’ looks.


    Richie (extinguishing cigarette and standing): Simon?

    Fletcher: There’d better not be any creamed corn in there…Richie, you’ve got to be kidding me…

    Richie (moving quickly towards kitchen): Simon! No!